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April 22nd, 2005

12:07 am - i'm depressed
what a surprise. Dios Mio! i don't know what to watch on tv,. though on The O.C. at least ryan and marissa finally kissed.....hmmmmm. eric got the bath water too hot. that's why guys are supposed to take showers (heeheeheeehee). my lawyer never called me back, turd.
we're listening to talk radio, and they're talking about some bangladeshenese lady who's gonna auction off one of her eyeballs in order to get money for a vending cart to sell food or toys. how sad. maybe she can get the money as a loan and when she pays it back they'll put her eyeball back in? or they'll take her eyeball as collateral.
if i could sell a body part, i'd probably sell my boobs. they're awful to have in the summer. they're getting so droopy i could use them as floatation devices. they pose a hazard to myself if iwas to snagger my droopy nipples on something like a door (they could get ripped off). tmi, i know. but there's not really anything else i would part with. gotta keep my heart, tho it's hateful and withered to 3 sizes too small. kinda need my lungs. i like my kidneys...they make yellow peepee. and tho my liver's lazy and green, it still syphons out all my vicodin and soma and Aleve. and my brain--well, i couldn't sell that or give it away. no fool in their right mind would take it.
shut up, eric. this is my lj. :)
anyhoo.....i am going to go watch a movie. i tried to earlier, but me n kelly got to yakking about the good ole EMS days and all our gnarly calls. speaking of boobs.:) and i don't mean that literally. like, there were no titties involved. but i'm a boob.there. point made. i really really am a boob.

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April 21st, 2005

02:58 am - i like pinwheels, too
i'm grumpy. i'm pissy. and irritated too. :(
i've done my song and dance, and i don't feel like being friendly anymore. *growl*
on a happier note, they just put a for-rent sign up in my neighbor's yard. they vacated. MOVED out. Not the weirdo neighbors, of course. But the basketball playing jackasses that squashed my beeeyootiful roses.
I added some folkies fom my town. but since nobuddy's been friending me back (i'm such a lecherous individual, you know), I guess i'll just have to crawl into my tub and weep.
yeah right. and nobuddy's commented (except for cammy, and that's because she's terrific) on my lj lately (lately being last 4 days). hello!
that's it. I'm on strike. no more comments from me. it's give and take, people. it's comment and be commented to. and i'm a little hurt. i'm actually almost a lil choked up right now. i mean seriously, i think a tear might form in the next hour or two.
i'm such an attention w-h-o-r-e. and it's s-h-a-m-e-f-u-l. :)
and my hubby has a blog thingie now too. i just might post the linkeridoo for it tomorrow if the mood strikes me. but oh wait, i am already STRICKEN and on strike. comment to me, peoples! let me know you're alive and doing relatively okay!:) i'm neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy!
i want a humungous Venus flytrap to set outside my frontdoor and gobble up puppies and stray cats that piss and shit on my garden.

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12:32 am - New College Station Police uniforms.....;)

teeheheeheeheehee! eric snapped this at the easter Egg Hunt at George Bush Library. Aaaaawwww, what a cutie-patootie widdle ole bunny!

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April 20th, 2005

01:24 pm - why can't we all just be happy?!
i woke up at 645 am this morning. after i went to bed at 4 am. i took my kelsey to school after the bus picked up sarah and emilia, then i went to Walmart. A whole new world (cue disney music)! the store was deliciously EMPTY. all the usually haggard employees were more than helpful.... well, i ended up buying material to make a curtain for our room (as a kind of tester to see if i can do it for the girls room). since i don't sew (i end up poking so mnay holes in me and always losing the needle), i bought fabric glue.
came home, tore down the old curtain, measured and put on Saturday Night Fever. Glued away, and got my curtain done, put it up and it's just fanfuckintastic. glue and all. it's this batikk (sp?!) tiedye thingamie with dragonflies all over it. yesterday i painted dragonflies onto our newly painted wall (yucatan, folks). had to paint over half because they looked like crippled Japanese characters (from their writings, you get it...not crippled Japanese people--ack, i'm so p.c. and pleasant right now).
what's up with my buddies? a lot of the ljs i read right now are bummy and i feel so bad for each and every one. and for he who thinks he won't find anyone (you know who you are, I hope)-- you will. you are an uber-incredibly smart person and i'm surprised nobody has snaggered you up yet (and btw, you answered everyone's comment BUT mine *sniff*, and i posted niceness). eat it up, i'm not very complimentary. usually i'm downright hateful:)
and to everyone else who's life is crumbling down right now, it may crumble, but you'll always have lots of crumbs to mash togather and build something totally amazing with. pie crust are made from crumbs. and pies are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.
y'all have caught me at an insanely optimistic moment. they're like that blooming stinky corpse flower in the Amazon--it only happens once or twice in a lifetime.:) normally, if someone gave me the crumb analogy, i would take a crap and fling the feces at them as they ran away screaming. but not today! i made dragonfly curtains, dammit, and I'm on a roll!
oh, and it was sooooo funny this a.m., as we were leaving, Kelsey (who's 4 and in preK for those who don't know) said something that made me tickled. I told her, let's go , we've gotta get going. and she said, "Lemme put on my flipflops and let's rock and roll!":)
**************this is one of my manic entries. hmmmmm. i just relaized that right now. funny.*********************************************************

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April 19th, 2005

02:54 pm - jiggly jellybeans
jiggle jiggle
tap tap tap
one step forward
one step back
jiggle jiggle jiggle
tappity tappity tap
step-toe step-toe
jump back jump back

that's me exercizing to my Richard Simmons "Sweatin to the Oldies". He amuses me. Wee bitty gay man with afro-like hair and all shiney and slick.:) and he's comforting, because just when you think you're going to stroke out, he whicpers into the camera,
"come on! I know you can do it! I belieeeeeeeeeeeve in you."

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April 18th, 2005

04:58 pm - anybody want to find the birdie?
gag. i am getting pooped out on posting. maybe i hit these highs n lows when i start getting antsy. and depressed. hmmmm/ maybe i should make a pie chart. mmmmmmm pie.:)
okay. so i was scooting home today in my beatup crappy car (it's a ford something-or-other, circa 1991). i have two cars, a ford taurus ca '99 and the other one (which is designated as eric's car). so i was driving home in eric's car, and it's a tricky lil thing, b/c it overheats and you have to be sure not to idle too long, and it has no a.c., and it putt-putt-putts, and also the brakes are for shit and the radio is too.
but here i was toodling along, with the windows down, and Alan Jackson playing all scratchily on the worn-out speakers, and all of a sudden i felt like i was 17 again. Because i used to drive around in the summer in my mom's old car, barefoot with the windows down, playing country songs. and for just a tiny nanosecond i remembered how it felt to be young like that again, and i remembered about how i'd be so excited to go to eric's house when we were dating, or when me and my mom would pack up the car and go to my cousin's house out in Brenham for the weekend.
only now I'm older, I've ben married a long time and a lot has happened between when i was that young girl and who i am now. Alot of bad, and a fair share of good. I may not be where I wanted to be in life right at this point in time, but i have come a long way from that girl.:)

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April 16th, 2005

03:44 pm - And (drum roll, please!).......
in celebration of my one year lj anniversary, i took off the friends-only feature on my lj. we'll see how long this lasts. any takers? i'm placing my bets on two weeks before i put the friends-only thing back up. but then, i should have faith in mankind, right? and woman-kind too. and since i have been staying pretty far away from communities right now, i should be fairly safe from trolls and such. bring it on, jackASSES!:)
i'm such a boob. :)

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the houston zoo had to euthanize baby Asian elephant Bella yesterday after she broke her femur and attempts to repair it were unsuccessful. She fell on Tuesday, frcturing her femur bone. Surgery was performed adn rods and pins were placed to stabilize the bone, but as of Friday the surgery was deemed a failure. Bella was put to sleep Friday morning.:(

in other news, it is my ONE YEAR LJ ANNIVERSARY today.  i was going to post my very first entry, but people were getting a wee bit confused so i yanked it. it's in my archives, people. i should have posted a link. but oh well.:)

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October 11th, 2004

02:24 am - Superman died-- bye, Christopher Reeve :(

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October 7th, 2004

08:48 pm - calls that still bug me-- summarized for your pleasure
#1-- 6 week old male full-arrest because mom & dad fed baby, laid him on belly to nap on mattress, baby fell off and suffocated. worked and worked the lil guy but too no avail. mom screaming in hospital hallway when we left and then the overhead lullaby started playing on the loudspeakers while she was screaming-- a baby had been born in the nursery.

#2-- 70+ year old male fullarrest. hx of terminal lung cancer. hemorrhaged approx 2 liters of blood on scene. wife stated woke up coughing and the started spewing blood. tried to tube him, and then chunks of lung tissue started bubbling up. sup on scene would not let us call him. everyone was slipping on blood clots. doa to hospital, with lung tissue hanging off our stretcher.

#3-- 2 y.o female, febrile seizure. nasty house. white trash parents. baby had 104F fever, very ill. listless and pale. parents refused transport. "we know what is best for her". febrile seizure fine, but baby very very sick.

#4-- 19 y.o trauma arrest. copying fast and furious. cut car in half. hemo in right lung. ruptured aorta. nothing we could do.

i ran over 1000 calls in a year and a half. and i still vividly remember these four, and many others.

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